Top 10 highest paid footballers

According to Runme Messi earned a staggering £47.8million (R847million) in 2014, which is really a enviable thing, click into for more details about the money these football players earn.


The Argentine is now the highest-paid footballer around the world pocketing closed to £1million (R180 million) a week in 2014 in salary and numerous sponsorship deals, making him the world's highest-paid footballer ahead of both Neymar and Ronaldo.


Messi’s club salary amounted to £26million (R460 million) with the rest of his earnings reportedly coming from endorsements with the brands such as adidas, FIFA 15 and Turkish Airlines.


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"It puts him well ahead of his Real Madrid and Portugal nemesis Cristiano Ronaldo, who brought in £39.7million", according to the latest France Football magazine rich list stats.


Top 10 highest paid footballers:


1. Lionel Messi £47.8million

2. Cristiano Ronaldo £39.7million

3. Neymar £26.8million

4. Thiago Silva £20.2million

5. Robin van Persie £18.8million

6. Gareth Bale £17.5million

7. Wayne Rooney £16.5million

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic £15.8million

9. Sergio Aguero £15.6million

10. Robert Lewandowski £14.8million

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