Good News: FIFA 16 Will Coming Soon

FIFA 15 News - FIFA 16 is on the horizon and that means another year of Ultimate Team for everyone to go crazy about, so it's time to say goodbyes to FIFA 15, more informations on


What is there to say about FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team? It’s received a mixed reaction from the community but you can’t deny that when it works, it’s a joy to play. Building that perfect four-league hybrid to hone chemistry has never been more fulfilling, while trading has given players a realistic shot of putting a down payment on that illusive Record Breaker Messi or Team Of The Year Ronaldo card.




However it’s hard to look past the flaws in the game, where pace and over-the-top through balls rule all and the Gervinho, Doumbia and Ibarbo hyperlink strikes fear into the hearts of players.

If FIFA 16 wants to prove itself as the best football game on the planet, Ultimate Team has to improve and there’s a number of features and fixes for EA to consider. Some might be considered common sense, while others might seem a bit controversial, but hey, what’s the point in playing it safe?

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